Conclave is just around the corner, and this is an event you won’t want to miss! Why? Because the theme will be Indiana Jones! Did you know that Indiana Jones was a Boy Scout in the movies and that Harrison Ford, the actor who played Indy, was a Boy Scout in real life? Scouting has had a big influence on a lot of really important people, and as members of Boy Scouting’s national honor society, it’s our job to show the principles of scouting in our daily lives. Just as Indiana Jones exemplifies bravery and heroism, it is our job to exemplify cheerfulness and service. And just as Indy is always on a quest for an ancient artifact, we are always on a quest for the true meaning of the Arrow. That’s why we chose Indiana Jones to be the theme of Conclave 2017. With that theme comes some great shows featuring live entertainment and a look at Indiana Jones through the lenses of scouting, fun and exciting games and activities that will test if you can live up to the example of Indy, and of course, a movie marathon on Saturday night! You really don’t want to miss Conclave 2017, so I encourage you and all of your friends to attend so that you can live the spirit of adventure and of scouting!

-Jack Vasquez, Section W2S CVC of Shows