It gives me great pleasure to see this, the first Section W-2S e-newsletter, come to fruition. My hope is that it will continue to be an open line of communication between our section’s leadership, our fellow lodges, and you, the Arrowmen we serve, for many years.

Now, some of you may ask: “What is a section?”

A section is a conglomerate of lodges, whose leadership is responsible for supporting those lodges and liaising for them between the National and Region level. The section also hosts one of my favorite scouting events: Conclave!

Section Conclave is your opportunity to further your skills and friendships in the Order of the Arrow. My first conclave was over five years ago, and I still cherish the memories made there.

This year’s conclave will offer those same opportunities. Whether you’ve been to a conclave before, or just did your ordeal, conclave has opportunities you won’t want to miss. Sharing ideas, gaining outside perspectives, and learning new things are all essential to growing as a leader, and conclave provides that experience. Of course, there’s lots of fun fellowship as well: shows, lodge competitions, and patch trading give conclave the feel of a NOAC or Jamboree.

I hope to see you at conclave, and at many conclaves to come. If you’re interested in joining our leadership team, send me an email:

Yours in service,

Collin Metscher

Section Chief