Join your fellow Arrowman from across Colorado and attend our annual W-2S Section Conclave! We will be hosting our virtual Section Conclave this year on Sunday September 13th from 400 pm until 800 pm from the comfort of your own home!!

Within our virtual Section Conclave, you will have an opportunity to participate in some real exciting online games with your fellow Arrowman, help your Lodge in the Bronze Moose Award Competition, watch this year’s Silver Moose Award AND a chance to help decide on next year’s Section Youth Leadership Elections!!.

Join the Section W-2S’s largest event of the year without ever leaving the comfort of your home!  Our virtual Conclave will have some original activities created specifically for the virtual experience. These will be jam-packed with games, contests, and many more exciting activities! 

It is important now more than ever that we support our lodges. Like all of us, timelines have changed and we are being faced with unprecedented circumstances inside and outside of the OA and Scouting! The challenge that lays before us is to help ensure that we grow a strong and active Order of the Arrow for our current members and for future OA members to help carry on our great traditions!

In registering for the W-2S virtual Section Conclave each member will receive our annual Section Conclave patch this year together for only a small price of $5.00! By attending our Conclave this year, you will be helping your Lodge and the OA to ensure that we have a new set of trained OA members, and a new set of OA Section Youth Leadership to help lead us to greater things for 2021!

You can go to to register for our 2020 Virtual Section Conclave and get ready for a great day of OA fellowship, fun activities and our annual Section Leadership Elections!!